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This was part of a Sydney based project called Artists for a Charity whereby people could commision illustrators at a small and charitable fee to achieve an Original Work for themselves. 

“Nature Queen” by Kate Winchester

Artists for Charity by Nobuko Burnfield. Sydney. Australia. 

Last year I became #socialmediabadass upon battles in business casual b.s. I’ve shared my media and artistry online since the dawn of it all.

I recall the first virus clips of the world wide web. Launced my music digitally via mySpace. I’m over the instagram linked to facebook linked to google linked to control and all the minor issues along the way, that have affected me directly as a publisher.. Adwords never worked for me affecting the monetisation of my YouTube Channel, which I have for a long time had to accept is a free share for me. Sure, I’ll pull up on Vevo here in a mo but damn, I’ve got all these layers to chase, and I do not appreciate the powers of Censorship.

So I’m trying to real it in.

Post from here – or feed the feast in the right way to make a message. Ya know.

Oh and now I need to monetise.

Sustainability is something that I have been going on about, more directly in an Environmental sense – but the word nonetheless.


Supply with Assistance.

Seek out and Share.


Songwriting has power.



Something like this. Haha. I got carried away #beachsaltco

New Platform – be a Patron!

The idea with patreon is to join at a tier of membership, thus becoming a Patron.  You are now linked in to the next leg of the journey and will gain unique benefits throughout.

So the social media society I know is a generation of gobblers, and wobblers and woe. Turns out the farcities are becoming more transparent, the reality may occasionally shimmer through – the haters will continue to justify the actions against others and unuseful opinions tearing down the people that might even try to give a real message. Does any of this make sense? I do hope it does, a little. I mean its all zeros and ones and tech. The language I like is linked to learning, so I wanted to develop myself and style in media and life as I have always whether it was with intention or not. It is an organic progression.

People in today’s world are too scared to support another with a full heart unless they are inextricably tied into a bottom line of renumeration. Change this thinking, now – in this bloody generation.

It is hard to seek and share so much Art – it costs me my life. I live it with Music in my Mind #almostalways

You know it’ll be real. I want to reach a new level of trust in this reality, on a day not too far away.

Join me and be one of the Mighty. Today 🙂

#thewordnerd since ‘On Da Spot’ Radio in Co Springs back during one of my seasonal swaps.

The Misplaced Musician is finding a liking of her new locale more and more each day.

With Love. MM