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On 20th April .. Looks like a Storm’s coming!

Earlier this week.. Big Honour. Wooh! My City Logan April 16th edition. 

April 18th was a success @ Loganholme’s Club Noir  by Stevie T’s Songwriter’s Showcase Program, a radio show via Logan 101FM Monday night 10.15pm – 10.45pm. Partnered with Performance Studios and Club Noir, Mia Muze kicks off this new event running Thursdays 7pm.

Thank You, Pix by Litz for the Protography, and for the Storm Reborn promotion. Leigh is the Ultimate Champion of the Local (Photo Trio) by Stevie T. Videos @ YT @miamuze @maquismusickpresents

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See the Live Performance of Storm at Club Noir

Navigating the Sonic Seas with Mia Muze: From Sydney’s Shores to Brooklyn’s Beats

Fan Style Art Merch LineIntroducing the vibrant and enchanting Mia Muze Fan Style Art by Aubry, where the essence of a real Nature Queen collides with the spirit of the Urban Shaman. Immerse yourself in a world where artistry meets soulfulness, encapsulating the essence of Mia Muze’s musical magic. Each piece is a celebration of creativity and beauty, reflecting the unique spirit of 2024. Embrace the art behind the artist and adorn yourself with the stunning designs of this limited edition merchandise line. Mia Muze 2024 by Aubry

Tik Tok Song Special – Classic Disney #snowwhite

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22 Jan, 2024

I saw the The Boy and The Herron by Miyazaki with my Mother in the lovely old Cinema in my home neighbourhood. A beautiful story. I shan’t cast any other impression upon this. Of course, go see it. 

#christmasiscoming it is time to hear the cheer!

Mansfield and Muze presents.. A Very Very, Merry Merry Christmas! 


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TIK TOK – currently clips of the creator of #casualcovers 

Happy Halloween!!  A new ghost story ~ Adachi Plain

Go to the JAPAN FILM FESTIVAL I saw Yokaipedia (Ghostbook) yesterday at the Palace Barracks Cinema – and it was a wonderful adventure with constant action, super special visuals and effects. A warm story.

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When you’re living in a Historically Haunted Premise..

First single from the Birthday Album ‘Parallel Life’ by Mia Muze

Beachsaltco & Message Maker presents.. It’s All Too Beautiful #musicinthemind
Dedicated to Toshiki Horigome R.I.P who was a Founder of this Station in Sendai, Japan.