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As of the 22 Jan, 2024

I saw the The Boy and The Herron by Miyazaki with my Mother in the lovely old Cinema in my home neighbourhood. A beautiful story. I shan’t cast any other impression upon this. Of course, go see it. 

#christmasiscoming it is time to hear the cheer!

Mansfield and Muze presents.. A Very Very, Merry Merry Christmas! 


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TIK TOK – currently clips of the creator of #casualcovers 

Happy Halloween!!  A new ghost story ~ Adachi Plain

Go to the JAPAN FILM FESTIVAL I saw Yokaipedia (Ghostbook) yesterday at the Palace Barracks Cinema – and it was a wonderful adventure with constant action, super special visuals and effects. A warm story.

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When you’re living in a Historically Haunted Premise..

First single from the Birthday Album ‘Parallel Life’ by Mia Muze

Beachsaltco & Message Maker presents.. It’s All Too Beautiful #musicinthemind
Dedicated to Toshiki Horigome R.I.P who was a Founder of this Station in Sendai, Japan.