Home of the Crocodile Hunter



Last month, I started marking my media with #australiazooadventures
You know me to be a #naturalist I care about sustainability and conservationism. My CD titles should cover the rest. The world around us is too inexplicable not to share and care about. No egotism needed just world and life that can be wild and wonderous.

Last year, whilst in Colorado Springs – I could not avoid the television bonanza ‘Crikey, it’s the Irwins’.

I was raised a staunch little Aussie kid from Sydney, who never meant to be so ocker and so bloody Aussie. Why should I watch it? It’s filming stuff from down the road where I’m from, say I to the husband who isn’t shifting his lifelong dream to be close to Steve Irwin, his Hero.

King of the Australian Animal Activism or Entertainment Industry…
It was the US that made him the Wildlife Rockstar of the Century.

I blame the crisp Colorado Rocky Winds that were approaching, for making me sit quietly in my centrally heated hotel room and being a part of a 5-week series or some such. Being part of a general audience always amuses me. I started noticing The Irwins take the cover of most general magazines. I had been to Australia Zoo once last year, an all Australian escapade pre pageant, pre bag, when I was just the Nature Queen me that happens to be an Animal Lover, and best friend to the Earth that isn’t really Ours.
I have never claimed to be any kind of Animal Expert, though have been exposed to education for animals via #motherknowsbest I was fortunate to meet my first Roo as a kid, ride horses too and watch Mum develop Dog Training Programs at International Facilities.

I was always the weird hip hop kid that for sure, talked with the animals and played with sunlight whilst crafting a symphonic tale of harmonious unadulterated youth fright and dreams of something mighty. Alrighty!

So back to this, I had always intended to become friends of this place. Somewhere between a farmland theme park and the old traditional Zoo, the Home of the Crocodile Hunter was worthy of “A Real Go!”. So Co Springs to AZ. From AZ away from the other GC (the Grand Canyon), back to the GC in the AU. Husband joins me by May and boom.. Adventurers Unite. We’re Annual Members. All Year Long. Yep, you know it.. Huzzah. A piece of the AU to belong to. AU Zoo : “Doo Doo Doo! It’s New. Bit of Bamboo Foo! ” 

Hub and I have hiked mountains, run ridges and had 99 problems but.. No cactus the size of a building, snowfall or blizzard, no dust storm or bite has ever kept us from our goal. We scout, we see, we share – and conquer!

I’ve been so bloody annoyed at my country and society. This place seems to cure all that. The animals, the staff, the sights and sun. As for Society, it is still absolutely dumb!

Australian Animals are Unique and Incredible.

Did you Know?!

The USA Koala reps the lot and says #pleasedontletmebemisunderstood I sure know what it’s like to be taken at face value and devalued beyond. Being cute and cuddly, does not stop it’s imminent destruction, affectation by repetitious lies and/or the ridiculous need for humans to quantify their sense of entertainment with acts that may show disrespect. Is anybody out there? Does anybody care? How much can a Koala bear?

Hanging with the Kangaroo is something special. Seeing a Koala and having it look you square in the face. Walking upon what you thought were turtles playing in the pool, though soon you realise .. mating. Awks. LMAO. I just saw The Chief, The Devil of Tasmania play under his waterfall.. and the largest Lizard this side of the planet standing tall.

Find and Follow the Facebook Fun – my media on  #steveirwinzoo and a few other channels. I’ll get the goodstuff up on The Tube of Yous which still hasn’t correctly monetized music for me. Thanks for ripping off the small guy that built something from nothing.

Nothing wrong with saying guy when you’re a gal and making it a big boohoo either.

“HEY GUYS” anyone offended up in here? We’re talking Mammals and Marvelous Reptiles.

Gold Coasters – transportation just got better with the G Link connecting to Brisbane trains. Stop at Caboolture via Bowen Hills for the Bus to the Zoo. Easy Peasy.. You can’t say it unless you know Cockney Rhyming Slang 😉

JK. Thank God for the Animals. There are some ludicrously massive hearts and souls left. Connect with them. Kindly. I dare you. Sing to a Roo, and remember who sent you.

Like dirt through the Roo Haven, these are the days that we should strive. International elements must agree that this country is filled with immense beauty. None of us likes to be yelled at or alarmed. It simply isn’t the Aussie Way. Aye. The Conversation – Jist or Joke?

And to the big man who was so unimpressed arriving to Africa and couldn’t find the Zebra.. It is a shame that the entire place and feeling was lost on you. Sounds like someone needs to listen to a bit of Bamboo Foo! Yeoow.