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Mia Muze, an International Recording Artist with a stellar career since 2006, with over 13 record releases, including the #1 chart-topper ‘Onomatopoeia’ in 2019. Having released an Australian Avante Americana track at Easter ‘Kookie Cutter’, audiences can be exited to soon experience ‘Storm REBORN’ on 20 April, 2024. 

 Hailing from the Gold Coast, Mia Muze has not only been a Gold Coast Music Industry Awards Nominee, A Finalist for the Colorado Solo Artist Awards but is also an Advocate for International Mental Health and ongoing Volunteer Entertainer for Homelessness via Brisbane City Council.

Most recently, a Podcast Feature on the Artist revealed her interest in meditation and conservation. Maria loves Hobby BeeKeeping and strongly believes in education, innovation and sustainable living!

Since 2023, her new album ‘Parallel Life’ has been put on regular rotation via Fraser Coast 107.5FM first,  Radio 88FM Australia, Brisbane City Radio 4ZZZ, Logan City 101FM and having also delivered live performances in studio, interviews and of course, a lot of great music to Australians and Internationals. 

Join forces with Maria de los Angeles Horigome, an Australian Songwriter with a diverse experience across genres from Hip Hop to Alt Rock.  This unique woman promises a fusion of global sounds. 

Born in Tokyo, Japan mixed with Venezuelan roots, Mia Muze – The Versatile Vocalist; brings a rich cultural tapestry to her music. Raised in Sydney, the Artist has represented her homeland proudly to unique communities in Colorado, California, Arizona, Mexico and Vancouver B.C. Mia Muze – The Urban Shaman, has spent extensive time in Rural/ Regional Australia, is an avid Adventurer and Extreme Hiker. 

Since 2014 – 2024 (latest 5/5), Mia Muze has been the Reverb Nation Number #1 Artist for the Gold Coast, Australia. Currently, representing Logan City, QLD.

Get ready for a musical journey that spans continents and genres!

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