Cactus and Canals – Kirra Sato


Finally, some new music.

As if I haven’t made enough!

It was my privilege to complete this project.

There is a page dedicated to Kirra Sato.

A few years ago, when living in the extreme desert conditions of Arizona – I thought I’d put myself to rest and explode into a new persona.

Turns out this was just a different story in a different aspect of myself. Trackin thru Dirt and Scratchin the Dirt instrumental prequels to what called soundscaping.

The visual is strong in my mind, and I am expressing a softer side of myself. I didn’t actually expect to return and confirm my love of Arizona last year til earlier this one.

During the gap – in my absence, I often explored nature, society and the world via Beachsaltco which was a direct word translation of Kirra Sato.

I had hoped to have her as more of a character with illustrative art behind her. In the end, I needed to take the opportunity to release it. A few months ago in Pheonix, I thought there might never be a way.

5 tracks.

A story of a pauper Princess.

It has the warmth in the tones that express the constant sunshine and light that comes in the desert in a unique way that can still be taken by the shore and other places.
Kirra Sato has a reverb nation profile and represents Pheonix, Arizona.

The mastering was done on location, Gold Coast. Most of the songs were written in Pheonix to begin with, plus one I collected in Colorado.


It’s Free.

It’s a little bit of deep as well as life’s Yipee!

Also, this means – I am current 🙂

Kirra was a Futurist to begin with. I brought it to date.

The Future is Now.

She was lingering for a time, in the past. She respects History.

There is a Tribal Call here.

She knows the pathways of the Ancient by Intuition.

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