Finalist – Miss National Australia 2018


StarNow could be old school now, though of the past – was a credible source of entertainment jobs and industry work prior to the imminent subscription that killed the actual ARTIST community. Whilst working a boring corporate reality, in attempts to stabilise my income and do the normal things in life – I quietly put forward for the opportunity, had forgotten about it: amidst my warring world of internet assistance.

The ‘comp’ which I initially introduced to my primary channel – persona from before MySpace – Mia Muze stated the event to be a Cultural and Beauty Pageant with no height or age limit. Wooh. Winning. I always wanted a chance to get the Formal Photo right, be the Belle of any Ball – A chance to be in my original hometown of Sydney and a pretense to claim a right that may have inherently been mine, if I wasn’t such a REAL ARTIST.. Ha. 

Maria Horigome – Finalist : Miss National Australia 2018 is a problematic character, a complex one which had a channel set up prior to the event as an excuse to state my full songwriter’s name : see bio for more. We’ve been through this plenty. 

Channel converted, Campaign ON – I decided to take the model challenges as an excuse to get more material for my Artistry (necessary to exist in Media see!) AS well as an opportunity to challenge all my own notions about myself, beauty and learn about pageantry, modelling and possibly find a new platform to exist in the Entertainment Industry. 

Seems sound 🙂 
So my social media presence is something I have spent over a decade executing. I realised that the little undefined event had many business errors. I thought, no worries – I’ll assist.. I’m helping Koala Bags, having established the Koala Crisis Angeles Fund – anyway.. Sounds good. Women Empower Women, or some such unnecessary feminism.

I had my sites set on the Fashion and Business Award. No need to be Titty Tina, or little Miss Copyright to get the acclaim I have worked for.. ? Is this correct? What I realised was that my knowledge on all fronts surpassed the reasoning of this very amateur arrangement. 

They asked us to raise money in an absolutely unacceptable way to the Australian Taxation System, not to mention having required a hell of a lot of  my free services, including a valuable email with million dollar notions which was ultimately filtered out to the pageant people without thanks and meek claims on my ideas?? Oh No, you Didn’t!

Wtf indeed. 
I revealed that age 12/13 I was the sole organiser for a Rural Relief Variety Show at Loreto Kirribilli, SYDNEY whereby I put all the girls on stage with talent and did all the biz #whiteladyfunerals

With Jokers to the Left of me and Clowns to the Right : I skipped town across the globe to spend the final in my Mountain Home, and see what the situation was gonna be with stupid Koala #magneticfashion Bags.

That silly #inventor begged me to leave the Gold Coast Beaches to come and represent her for a FOx21 news spot in Colorado Springs. To which I responded with some moral demands. That were left unmet but followed up with some media revealing the current penis’ pee in the loo.. All class. 

I hold a very expensive sash and the rights to call #fashionmodel 
The KCAF situation boosted my persona into Public Figure-ness and I’ve chosen to respond to this with stating that I am now a fully fledged Digital Media Publisher.

I mean, you’re still reading right? Thank YOU! 
Really. It takes time to get the correct information out. 

For now, I update on IG @miamuze first #bts @mariahorigome #worldaroundme @beachsaltco #protography @pixbylitz #ecommerce @creativesColorado

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