It’s been a million years since I have blogged, and I know some have been waiting. Those that have endorsed my music make up my Core network of fans. Having watched and listened to me hone my skill in message making: I’d firstly like to thank these brave few that waited and watched for the truth of this topic.

Earlier this year, I found a connection to my hometown in the USA, Colorado Springs. Trolling momentarily, my husband’s insta – I came across a profile #koalabags and thought “WTF is this .. Koala in my rambling mountain town?!” I linked with this person, incidentally a cruddy school fellow of the man who would consult between us, bridging the cultural gap of understanding.

I took this bull by the horns, and upon being delivered a unique patent pending design : established the business as a brand and globalised the notion via my multiplex of mutating channels and made Koala Bags, a name worth knowing… Course, this all turned to shit. Let me tell you how.

As the International Brand Ambassador, I clearly quoted the pricing of my media. 13 years on social, more in business meant that Azel by Design would benefit from my entire lifetime of trials: very quickly. Without incurring a cost. The benefit to me would be a buy in – arranged by the Oner/ Inventor: to make it a lifelong investment for me, a pathway to a reasonable income. I have managed businesses since I was 19.

As a Finalist for Miss National Australia 2018 (cultural, beauty pageant – blog to come), in true Mia Muze fashion – I found the singular unique link to the #magneticfashionbag and established the only Crowdraising Arm for the Australians for Animals ‘KOALA CRISIS’ – an initiative headed by the Coordinator and local Public Figure of the Region.

I established Koala Crisis Angeles Fund and set a goal to raise at least half the stated funds necessary to keep this body afloat. I brought the #inventor of the #koalabag in on this and we agreed to utilise the bag to assist the namesake. I wanted it to be viable, and most of all LEGITIMATE. I worked my ass off for 6 months before I went through a series of explosions…

Back at Mia Muze – Koala HQ, Finalist Maria Horigome – the wall in my home was becoming LARGE.. Flyers for business, koalas, campaigning – some song lyrics and ideas; flooded the work space I created. I started a merry go round of stories and media and nearly burnt myself to a crisp – oh how I was dreaming of the Phoenix, and Pheonix. The Arizona Skies.

Connecting with the AFA, and being the only competant media strategist amongst the pageant, along with having accomplished a high level of multinational business perspectives at a young  age via my household – meant that I was working for everybody, to be the world’s biggest unpaid monkey… BOO.

I had PTSD now.. absolutely. Too much convolution in society on the Gold Coast of Australia, and noone understanding the need to quietly protect. I connected with the Cowgirl, having surpassed all her training: perhaps now a true Outlaw. SO, I packed my shit and went to the Midwest Grand – to go and suss out how well Rocky Mountain High was doing.

Stacy lied about near everything. She put me up for a short time and invaded every aspect of my morality. Left me stranded in Cripple Creek, which is some bullshit – and absolutely had no intention of doing anything good for anyone – unless it benefitted an empire of immorality. Not good for Artists that need Truth to exist. Thus came my first clear media message tales #Beauty in Honesty

Muze Mania
Artists for Advocacy became the program when I was so dismayed at the generational and abominable business issue that became KCAF – my Koala Crisis Angeles Fund was to become a platform of corruption. Australians – the only way to assist our Endangered Animal is to be sure your funds DO go to them directly. I will allow myself to be open to this platform, as I have labelled myself the Real USA Koala – for clarity and to be the point person of truth. I had intended to had this position to Jacy Joplin, as a platform for fame and fortunate until she showed me that protecting someone else’s publish.. was well a WANK.

Jacy and the Boho Cup – Dallas Daisy Design and the rest

I wanted to do something good. I was wrong. I invented all the premises and platform for future work – and instead lost a layer of respectability in my OWN MUSIC work, and became a pillar of bullshit.

All those peanut butter nutters are absolutely stupid.
The rest of the Koala Bags story is boring. I am sorry that I wanted legitimacy. Y’all should be sorry, that I once again – did not get paid. Just got a mouthful about being a thief.. Bitch Please.

So I went to Mexico. And leveled up on my fucking G.
Bite me every asshole to do with this.

Maria Horigome, daughter of Mariko discovered her mother was on the board of Directors for the Australian Koala Foundation back in the Day. Koala Crusaders still live here. Let us know, if you are truly willing to do something to save them. Any of the them. Correctly.

During this time, I established #pixbylitz who advertised as a #MEN #supporter of #magneticfashion providing a lot of value to the brand, a pain in the ass for me : and random shit talker on my channels.

Me no Fry.