So South of the Border!


I learnt about a lot of things in the realm of cultural diversity recently. Starting with the term TEX MEX. I feel fortunate to have gotten across the concepts of the Tex and the affiliation with the Mex. I left Colorado Springs to go check out Dallas, Texas. I did forge Dallas Daisy Design, and you know me – don’t like to be a dishonourable failure lol, so absolutely randomly took up a fantastic offer to do some cruising for a bruising, straight out of Colorado Country – My Mountain Home: on the road again..

Dallas is dazzling. This tale to be told is about that which lies far South of the Border : the message board/ digital art series that eventuated upon further travel logs. 

I went to a place that was so far removed from where and what I was raised with – the opposite end of the universe to Australia, though carried the native tounge of mine, taught to me by my cross cultural mother. 

Adopted Big Bro, Ron : used to run an independent limo biz, now with tenure in trucks. He takes trips far south of Sydney’s Shire, referring to it as going to Mexico. 

My whole life, I told people that I hated Mexican Food. Can you imagine? Hated it. Beans and weird stuff not for my palatte. I currently sit corrected, even if so by myself. I was misinformed. I know better now. I had an amazing host: el Rancher, Don Hulio. A friend of the developmental trade in Colorado Springs Community; who had an opening to show the USA Koala the sites far South of the Border. 

This is what I discovered. The food is wonderful, and so was every human that I came across. I felt a connection, to my Latin self as well as my JAPANESE. Something about honour and rigour to give the people’s might. Poverty, I discovered is classed for sure; though absolutely in the heart and mind of the beholder. For I saw the homes with the most glorious riches in family and community spirit with love. Though at another glance, you’d notice the absolute minimalist or like the best average accrual of a family’s resource gathering skills.. Make sense? 
Of course. Momentarily, I felt transported to the most exclusive corner of the universe, untouched by any American. The kiwi and Aussie stands a chance but it is the de los Angeles in me that gave me the mother tounge. And, it was awful. But I gained XP for sure. Without data, duolingo is but a memory, so immersion in the culture is the only way. 

I travelled the border and visited the city daily. I ate massive amounts of tacos and remembered the beauty in tamales #azrepresent – Arizona was the thickest exposure of Mexico that I had experienced. I realised the process was lifelong like a step 1, 2, 3 : transitioning from AU to US to MEX. Muy bien!

Having felt growing amounts of anxiety and lack of direction in Colorado Springs, upon recent events: I felt it the perfect opportunity to take my own advice and #leave by #miamuze A year ago, I wouldn’t have conceived of this path, thus had to. Wouldn’t you agree? 

The humidity was real, as it was in the Outback. The sparsity a theme beside delapidation, thus dressed in festivity and elation – I suppose to counter the potential damnation! #thewordnerd what a funny bird!

Since the nordic lightening debacle of my hair, I have been losing a woeful battle against it – so saw the best cuts South of the Border, Chitto la Cobra. An International Singer’s Aficionado and Independent Stylist; his business a humble establishment – his Flair as tight as the best Gold Coast Event. Muchas Gracias for the funky fresh feels!

The Barron Family showed me the MEX from the TEX and Old Boy Candalario was the absolute image that was influenced, up the way it seems. Brilliant. Cultural Classic! I got to know him by working on the land and we connected to a turtle via the word ninja.. haha. Bloody Hilarious. 

Every single person gave me an assumption of belonging that I had not felt in the longest time. Their kindness and generosity beyond what I could even imagine. I am such a selfish soul with sorrow at times #artistlife 

The JOY I received in this locale was LARGE. I have over the years become hypersensitive to sound. PTSD, anxiety, bad things and damage have affected me enjoying music and audio at a large volume. Not to mention, the Studio Producer’s ears are precious #ladylols

So in Mexico, every other landing or space has music blasting from their efficient speaker systems that I absolutely NEED! It’s the whole anonymity within the density of volume and rugged living that I like! To be special, without being mistreated for the cultural diversity and unique skills that can make one vulnerable even… Or does that seem like nonsense to you?

Hand painted signage, integrity between locals. I learnt to Love Mexico. Please see my Instagram channels to catch up on the digital story J

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