Summer Storms and Every Season


The Summer that I exposed my CD release ‘Summer Storm coincided with the floods of Brisbane, AU and the tsunami that hit my mother’s home town of Sendai was accepted in my local music network, with an air of bitterness. Not at all surprising to me, for any of it to have been that way. If you listen to the lyrics of Boom, and Country to Hip Hop, you’ll hear indicators of an esoteric influence. To nutshell it, I became a student of esoteria at a young age, having gone on to solitary, coven work, attaining later and Advanced Diploma in WW (Wicca and Witchcraft – 2 very annoying words) + Shamanism. I really haven’t done that sort of thing since becoming a muso with many hats (lyricist, vocalist, producer, composer, engineer etc..)

I lost the last month of Summer, swapping out for the bleeding cold  (catching the end of Winter in Colorado) and then flying to a few different climates, never quite climatising or acclamating. Since my arrival we have had freak hailstorms, the devastation of Waldo Canyon Fire. Of course, the Colorado Massacre. My affiliations and attached heart strings to this town are strong. I used to live here. I left a piece of my heart (the song Be There from my album eSeasonreflect this). Last time I arrived to claim residence was shortly after the Columbine Massacre. Some of the album eSeason was based around the melancholy I feel when I think about my experiential understanding of the high concentration of morbidity here in the Springs. I dedicate this notion to a fallen friend, who found novelty in such moroseness. This sort of air is a massive challenge to my core optimist who was dragged into the underworld of hardship and illness some years back now.

Next album has been stewing for some time now. Here’s to a Twisted Winter!