Having avoided Mexico, I decided to spend 10 days in Vegas. I stayed at a Truckers Stop called The Days Inn : Wild Wild West Gambling Hall. there I became good friends with ‘In & Out Burger’, whom I visited daily for my economical meal of substance, that wasn’t convenience store bought. Best Value ever.I walked the strip everyday, dealt with some back pains and the uncertainty of being in the infamous sin city as a solo female.

I made pilgrimage to Mandalay Bay (aka the Montecito), took bathroom tours, enjoyed being a tourist and got my daily dose of water frolicking visiting the Bellagio Water Shows 3 times a day! I kept a low pro until the last few days when I met a Canadian travelling with his mother and a few good Portland Folk. Over the next few nights, we hit the strip – discovered CinFire (it had just come out. Though in CO, I’ve only been able to fire Fireball), and enjoyed some Vegas night life.

I left, in true Vegas style .. completely dishevelled, levelled and with little money. I don’t even gamble lol.