The Age of the Copycat


I’m over it.

The illegitimacy of it all!

The Control and Copy of the back end of our lives.

Who are we influenced by?

Why must we emulate?

To generate.. anything that helps us feel significant.

And by us, I mean you.

I create to exist.

Content Creator is not something that I strive for.

Nor am I an aspiring Singer.

I am what I am, and what I was and what I have and still will become.

You with me?


Get a clue.

Have an idea.

Do something unique and claim it.

I ask you, whoever is listening..

There is a context to every human behaviour that can be exercised into a constructive understanding.

I know I am speaking English. Not Australian. American, or any other way.

What I mean is, to emulate a work script is work, but to falsify the intent or persona behind it feigning you are someone else, or like them – is not constructive.

I’m sure this makes sense.


Single White Femaled

Derailed by dopey copy cats.

How about that.

Be You.

Be True.

Original and Weird.

Or normal if that’s your bit.

Why do you watch me via my stories Ms. My iG is my g-stringed bum.

Sure I am liberal.. With things that matter..

I don’t see the meaning behind excessive body exposure.

Like the woman in the green dress last night. Perfectly made up, in her tablecloth of a dress – with all the cow’s milk free.

I can abide useless Leaders.

Rather not tolerate assholes.


I am sick of the emulative nature that the social media society has become. Be one. Rather than none. Do something.

Do something else.

If all you ever did was buy a patent with a fairly shitty idea, wouldn’t you deserve to live out your days with a fairly good job, based on your absolutely mediocre self?

I think so.


Who ever gave you the notion to not acknowledge your inspiration and decide to tear strips off another? Shame on You.


#thewordnerd will be heard

#message maker doesn’t appreciate fakers

#miamuze has only this website to lose. Support and be bold. What do you choose?