Ding Dong, Ding Dong!


Last year I received a phone call from my Mother to say that she was going to die from a rare form of Cancer, and that she’d lived well. Before this day I seldom dwelt on death or dark, regardless of seasons taking me there occasionally. With a vivid optimism having masked my life up on a cloud, I plunged from the heavens into the depths of emotional turmoil. A world that I had never experienced. I came back to Australia and can tell you since, that she lives having survived more obscure statistics.

I found this post, which amdist the black and blue fell in the draft pile and I decided to share this piece of reality with you.

About this time last year:

Some emo times befell this lass and I’ve found myself having battled a plethora of insane life. Not the fun stuff.


Things became black and white. Mostly black, with blinding white.
My lady death, come take me. I will walk into the ocean and seek you out.


A Very Very, Merry Merry Christmas!
2 years since the Xmas Album.


Is it Christmas in Killarney?