A New Year –



Greetings and Salutations for the year of 2014!! 

I just took on the challenge of folding a paper crane blind -(eye mask ;). It’s 1.30am and I just woke up having forced sleep as soon as I got home from work. A migraine was brewing. An adverse reaction to the intense heat wave that has been hitting GC, I imagine. This time last year, I was snowbound in the North End of the Globe. 

Take a moment to check out additional services to see new business for me currently. I offer a brand new workshop on How to Produce Your own music. Hire me to host your event as an MC /singer, or have pro in-the-box Mastering for audio tracks. Songwriting and Resume Service are also available by emailing miamuze@gmail.com

More to come. 
The MM Store has been renewed and you have multiple ways to purchase my music CDs, plus unique Usbs, and some exclusive hardcopy audio. Please help support the product of Indie Artists by nabbing an item.

Call for interactions on the official Mia Muze site. I’ll endeavour to exercise vigilance and frequency with site maintenance. I welcome you to bookmark and check in. I’ll be adding more album associated media clips and maybe some fun silly shit 😉

Legalisation. Oh how the day.. 
With a little more monetisation I could do a dedicated EP. Something to do with this biz will apparate. Dr. Chronic yeah.

It’s nearly my birthday. Everyone is gonna see my new ink trilogy. Wonder if they treat me differently. Lol. Zz.. If