10 Minutes


RADIO RELEASE 10 June 2012

An early start today with a busy feed. My apologies if I’ve bombarded you. It’s been an exciting week with the single’s release, interview/first live perf + airplay with Dj SkiBlu (TGI Friday’s).

Facebook Invite to Event Release.

However, if you happen to be around right now, tune into and stream DJ Revolution’s show ‘The Sunday Chill’. Playing everything from Prog, Rock, Jazz, Pop & Blues by Women that make a difference.

Time Check !!
3pm To5pm (UK)
8am today Mountain Time, USA
7am Cali time
Midnight between Sunday, June 10 and Monday in Bris/Syd AUST
11pm Tokyo, JAPAN


TV RELEASE + INTERVIEW 4 June 2012 in Gold Coast, Queensland
Mia Muze’s single release on the tv show the Velvet Orange Chair hosted by Gerald Valilio.

10 Minutes by Mia Muze [AU Single] A vocal ambient track of first love lost. Produced by Aussie International Producers Tats, Yoon + Mia Muze. Associated with Mia Muze + Elemental’s ‘eSeason’ http://soundcloud.com/mia-muze/10-minutes-mia-muze

Art by jeffmiller.com.au