Acknowledgement of Country


Artist Acknowledgement of Country/s and Cultural Conscience

I am now a person from several places. I have created in and on many lands. 

I respectfully acknowledge the people of the the Cammeraygal people of the Eora tribe, those of the Yugambeh language region, the traditional owners of the land on which I’ve lived, met, and paying respect to elders past and present, all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples of today and pledge acts of reconciliation. Sovereignty was never ceded!

I also acknowledge the Ute people of the Pikes Peak Region, including the Cheyenne, Arapaho, Comanche, Kiowa, and Apache peoples. I also acknowledge the Hohokam, Pima-Maricopa peoples and respect the land and your traditions of before, now and today. 

I am linked by heritage, and so Honour the Ainu people, the Okinawans and the Ryukyu of Japan. We can’t allow them to be forgotten! I pledge to assist awareness of them and to understand their cultural traditions. I ask all my peoples in all places to follow me in this.

[The languages of Ainu and Ryukyuans, which are inextricably linked to their culture, are considered to be endangered. There should be determined actions to save and promote their languages and culture.  

From ‘Situation of Indigenous Peoples in Japan’ by Association of Indigenous (AIPR) Peoples of the Ryukyus, Shimin Gaikou Centre ( Citizens Diplomatic Center for the Rights of the Indigenous Peoples), Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact, International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs in 2008. ]

I have existed in many places. Whilst acknowledgement and reparations are integral to make aware, the rights and hardships of all First Nations – it is also imperative that we allow the space to be available for those from Other or Multi Nations.

I disconnected from my birth country to be Australian. It is time to rally behind each other in our love for our Nations, and what we go through to be a part of them. Acceptance should not be exclusive, when dealing with matters of inclusion. 

We must cultivate our cultures. We must understand each other’s.

I do not believe in the muting of history. We must seek the appropriate indemnification and apply it, continually executing progressive motions to heal, bridge and productively strive. Together.