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Twisted Winter by Mia Muze (Digital Album – Alternative Rock / Pop) This album is;

“the way for Music Fans to ESCAPE FROM THAT TURBULENT SEASON, who INDULGED in the BEAUTY of her MUSIC & EXPERTISE, which put the MAJOR RECORDING ARTIST to shame, whom appeared as AMATEURS, compared to the EXOTIC & INNOVATIVE STYLES as depicted from the songs of ” TWISTED WINTER. ”   – Kim Soli from the {Power of Prog}.

Twisted Winter Poster

Mia Muze and Elemental presents .. eSeason (Digital Album – Trip Hop/ Electronica)

Exclusive Album CD Hard Copyeml

Summer Storm EP (Online Version)

Summer Storm by Mia Muze (EP CD –  World/ Hip Hop) 2012-01-02 11.15.43

 10 Minutes by Mia Muze  (Digital Single – Adult Contemporary / Alternative Pop)CAM00409

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