Twisted Winter by Mia Muze (Digital Album – Alternative Rock / Pop)

released 05 February 2015

The misplaced musician takes you on a musical journey through the mountains, the oceans and the dark places where only a Twisted Winter exists.

1. Warning (Intro) – Mountain Life [2.04]

2. The Oceans [3.26]

3. Twisted Winter [3.54]

4. Make Illusions (Explicit) [4.42]

5. Shift/ Decline (Shifty Little Grin) [2.10]

6. Leave [4.27]

7. Boom  [3.33]

8. Something (NIN Cover) [4.38]

9. Deep Down [2.52]

10. Waldo [3.10]

11. Torchwood  (Explicit) [4.27]

12. Deepness [2.15]

The Artisans of Twisted Winter: Kieran Foxe, MC Lava, Jade-Kelly, Tats + Third Eye Society, Protilius, Sine Craft, Mikuel Turner, Diziala, Elemental, Jeff Miller, Mitch Dyer, Doug Mansfield. Written, Performed and Produced by Mia Muze. All Rights Reserved 2015.

Mia Muze and Elemental presents .. eSeason (Digital Album – Trip Hop/ Electronica) 

released 01 February 2012

This Gold Coast (Australia) trio bring you a smooth yet jagged melancholic experimental expression of late night rock dramas with minor inspirations from their homelands (Poland, Korea, Japan/Australia). For fusion sake!

1. Oddity of Sound [1.46]

2. I Can’t Believe You Anymore [4.13]

3. Be There [4.07]

4. Boy and Girl [4.26]

5. Dawn [3.13]

6. Dirty Street [1.15]

7. Problems [8.04]

This season’s Elemental is Yoon, Yaman and Mia Muze. Also including: Sam Luck, Hermetic, Cody Mason, Mitch Dyer , Mohammed Al-Arrayed , Black Dog Mastering. Written, composed, performed and produced by Mia Muze and Elemental. All Rights Reserved 2011.

Summer Storm EP (Online Version – World/ Hip Hop) 

released 01 February 2011

Indie Artist Mia Muze showcases her strength of originality with themes of nature, life and love to an orchestra of world and hip hop beats.

1. Storm feat. Tats (Extended) [4.26]

2. Boom (EP Version) [3.20]

3. Nunca Otra Vez feat. Pedro [3.22]

4. Country to Hip Hop [4.00]

Team Summer Storm: Tats, Sam Luck, Mikuel Turner, Mic Lava, Pedro Wilson, Keiran Foxe, Xavier Collard, Lamar Masters, Caleb Dean, Utill-ET, Jonno Harding-Clark, Cody Mason, Jeff Miller, Archive Productions. Written, Performed and Produced by Mia Muze. All Rights Reserved 2010.

released 04 June 2012

A moving minamilistic love song.

Produced by Mia Muze, Yoon and Tats.
Lyrics and vocals by Mia Muze.

released 20 November 2014

10 Beautifully crafted Christmas Covers by Lead Guitarist Doug Mansfield (90s Punk band “The Mansfields”) and International singing sensation, Mia Muze.

3. Mele kalikimaka [2.45]

Performed and Produced by Doug Mansfield & Mia Muze. Published by Merry Tone Records. All Rights Reserved 2014.

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