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The Full Mia Muze Collection

(Discography Online – Alt Pop/rock) 2017 Edition

released 04 December 2017

Celebrate a decade of songs by Artist Mia Muze.

Through; Nature, Time, Love and Journeying comes a wide range of seasonal stories to make your ears and hearts swell with song!

1. Twisted Winter (Album) – 12 track View in 3D

2. 10 Minutes (Single) –  View in 3D

3. eSeason (Album) – 7 track View in 3D

4. Summer Storm (EP) – 5 track   View in 3D

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Twisted Winter by Mia Muze

(Digital Album – Alternative Rock / Pop)

released 05 February 2015

The misplaced musician takes you on a musical journey through the mountains, the oceans and the dark places where only a Twisted Winter exists.

Mia Muze and Elemental presents .. eSeason 

(Digital Album – Trip Hop/ Electronica) 

released 01 February 2012

This Gold Coast (Australia) trio bring you a smooth yet jagged melancholic experimental expression of late night rock dramas with minor inspirations from their homelands (Poland, Korea, Japan/Australia). For fusion sake!

Summer Storm EP

(Online Version – World/ Hip Hop)

released 01 February 2011

Indie Artist Mia Muze showcases her strength of originality with themes of nature, life and love to an orchestra of world and hip hop beats.

10 Minutes by Mia Muze  

(Digital Single – Adult Contemporary / Alt Pop)

released 04 June 2012

A moving minimalistic love song.

Doug Mansfield & Mia Muze Presents.. A Very Very, Merry Merry, Christmas (Digital Album – Rockabilly/ Seasonal)

released 20 November 2014

10 Beautifully crafted Christmas Covers.


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