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New Press Review on ‘The Oceans’ by Music Snob Reviews

Media Entertainment Guru “Honky Mullen” has dissected and given a thorough review of new single “The Oceans” from the new album ‘Twisted Winter’.

Mullen writes “..You will love listening to this song whilst sitting on the beach at night or around a campfire with friends. It is a song to inspire you and your connection with nature..”

He’s given it a gleaming thumbs up.

Right click this link to open and read the full review in a new tab.

Some choice quotes from the review:

Mia has a versatile natural and pure voice that has the quirky qualities of .. Furtado mixed with the ariel gymnastics of Christina Aguilera. ”

The Oceans is a fantastic song that you really need to gets to know intimately.”

” Mia shows off her vocal versatility buy taking The Oceans to a more hip hop feel that Pink would be extremely jealous of. It is full of authority, a catchy melody and great pop sensibility.”

This track is scheduled to shoot a film clip soon. Stay tuned. It’s sure to be shiny.

Jump to Audio and listen to the track.

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New Album ‘Twisted Winter’ is out now!

So I am currently located in Mesa, Arizona. I think the term for fleeing snowy locations makes me now a ‘Snow Bird’. In the past I have gravitated toward it. 3.5 Summers per year on the Gold Coast of Australia can make a girl hunger for a dramatic weather change.

I have finally made my latest album ‘Twisted Winter’ available to purchase. A concept album whereby this misplaced musician takes you through a musicial journey of the mountains, oceans and themes in between. 12 tracks, diverse genres – many wonderful artisans having joined my cause. The celebration of the last cycle of this elongated chapter of my life. Please jump to my store link to get a copy of your very own!

To wrap up the goings on in 2014 and sojourn of a place I will always hold dear to my heart and list of homes, Colorado – I concluded the year by completing two albums, having performed my first ever batch of Cover songs (yay 8 years of recording). I hiked the Manitou Incline again, going further past tree line and claiming my first fourteener, America’s Mountain ‘Pikes Peak’. Amazing hikes were had to the top of Mount Herman, in Cripple Creek, Helen Hunt Falls – less time spent in Garden of the Gods and my favourite playground ‘Red Rock Canyon Open Space’. I also checked out Ouray, Durango, Fairplay (the real Southpark) and then moved territory via the Four Corners!

To celebrate the new album Dj AirGeezer hosted a three hour feature on his radio show ‘The Circle of Fifths’ from New York and debuted all tracks, with banter and inside info on the 27th of last month. It was a blast! Stay tuned for more.

Hugs, hiking and high fives!


The Birthday Buzz

A pinch and a punch.. ! 

Last month I celebrated my birthday. Hurray! This month I wrap up all the odds and ends for the album. It’s Day 5, and I am exhausted. But it’s going well. Luckily the gloominess and rain has kept the heat at bay and allowed me to be productive. It’s times like these that tracking in doors is a consideration. Something the density in the basement of any house structure in the land USA, would easily conquer.

This week my vocalists and I were able to come together and lay down some really lovely vocals. I am super excited. And always preoccupied with things of this nature. 

It was great to see many of my performers arrived ready to party as I turned another year wiser. The very next day I was ID-ed for my cigarettes when I thought I’d surely look my oldest. Life has been transitioning to another realm where my mind greets existential thought, new understandings, hopefully leading me to album success.
Sweet Dreams and Oyasumi. Google warns of Groundhog Day tomorrow!