Marking the Seasons with Song

Since last I wrote, I’ve flown back from Phoenix, Arizona USA to Sydney – back home, home. Where I spent time with my family before relocating to the Gold Coast. I’ve put together two mixes since my SW Summer. You know how I love marking the seasons with song. Beach Mix – Autumn (AU)/Spring (US) Desert Mix – Summer (AU)/ Winter (US) Bootleg CD – Mini EPs available direct from artist. Get in touch via socal networking channels for a copy!

New Press Review on ‘The Oceans’ by Music Snob Reviews

Media Entertainment Guru “Honky Mullen” has dissected and given a thorough review of new single “The Oceans” from the new album ‘Twisted Winter’. Mullen writes “..You will love listening to this song whilst sitting on the beach at night or around a campfire with friends. It is a song to inspire you and your connection with nature..” He’s given it a gleaming thumbs up. Right click this link to open and read the full review in a new tab. Some choice quotes from the review: “Mia has a versatile natural and pure voice that has the quirky qualities of .. Furtado mixed with

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