Google Auto Awe Mia Pic A Brief History of Artist MIA MUZE [2006 - 2013] 

2006 Launched Artist Profile of Mia Muze 

2007 Record of the Year Nomination by Radio Six International for Drum and Bass track Scratchin the Dark. Nominated for Internet Record of the Year for the same track.

2008 Record of the Year Nomination by Radio Six International for track Country to Hip Hop, labeled Slow Country Sucks.

Nov 2010 First Live Performance at Gold Coast Arts Centre’s the Basement. Mia Muze sings I Can’t Believe You Anymore, sparking electronica fusion group Elemental.

10 Aug 2010 Let me Be There music video showing Japan’s scenery set to track written by College Band Broken Down Van.

26 Dec 2010 miamuze.com is launched.

19 Jan 2011 Summer Storm CD is released online along with hardcopies.

28 Feb 2011 Music Video Shoot in Glasshouse Mountains, Mount Tambourine and suburban Gold Coast for track Storm feat. Tats by Mia Muze. It is released on 1 May 2011 Storm Music Video.

27 May 2011 Dj Skiblu plays Mia Muze’s Storm for the first time on Aiiradio in the UK.

6 Aug 2011 Rudeboy from 5FBI plays Storm on Fresh Air

8 Aug 2011 5GTR plays Storm by Mia Muze.

17 Sept 2011 2WET Radio plays tracks from the Summer Storm EP.

19 Sept 2011 Homebrew Radio plays Storm

22 Sept 2011 Top 5 in Artist Charts in MRU Magazine, UK.

5 Oct 2011 AMRAP lists Mia Muze as a New Australian Music Artist on promotional flyers.

12 Oct 2011 2EAR Radio – Eurobodalla 107.5FM plays Summer Storm

31 Oct 2011 105.7FM Radio Metro begins rotation of IF I DIE Feat. Mia Muze by Shoda Ish.

1 Sept 2011 Graduated Gold Coast Conservatorium (Griffith University) with a Bachelor of Popular Music.

30 Nov 2011 Nomination for Record of the Year – Radio Six International in Glasgow for track STORM.

13 Jan 2012 Mia Muze and Elemental presents eSeason, a debut album and digital release.

6 Feb 2012 Skiblu plays new album on her regular radio show TGI Friday’s.

11 April 2012 Tomb of Maria track release on Soundcloud.

19 April 2012 Street Performance by Mia Muze in the streets of Vancouver, British Columbia.

1 May 2012 Is Appointed Entertainment Director for Louie’s Pizza, Colorado Springs USA.

25 May 2012 10 Day countdown to upcoming single 10 Minutes. POP-ALTERNATIVE. Released via online show Velvet Orange Chair. Live performance. Gold Coast, Australia.

5 Sept 2012 Launches first hosted live music entertainment event at Downtown Colorado Springs Restaurant.

21 Feb 2013 Concept card released for upcoming album TWISTED WINTER

8 June 2013 Photo Shoot at Red Rocks Canyon Open Space.

23 June 2013 The Sunday Chill still regularly features tracks from Summer Storm and eSeason.

3 July 2013 Northwest Radio FM in Brunswick, VIC plays Mia Muze on 3NON as a WORLD MUSIC ARTIST.

10 Aug 2013 AiirGeezer plays Mia Muze. Now a new Aiiradio show called The Circle of Fifths.

1 Dec 2014 More reports of radio airplay via Aiiradio, this time playing classic Mia Muze ‘toker tune’ (Norml Audio Stash Podcast) Dr. Chronic

5 Jan 2014 Production for new album Twisted Winter set to release Autumn AU (April).  


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