Tokyo born Artist Mia Muze was raised in Sydney, Australia by way of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Mia Muze has been writing songs since she was taught her third language at age four.
Born Mariya de los Angeles Horigome Pulido, at 18 she decided to seek out the country and moved to farm country in South East Queensland and quickly became a City Girl with a Country Heart.
After a career as a Business Manager and Fashionista, Mia Muze decided to pursue her childhood dreams and enrolled in music school after having released her material independently online and gaining small Indie acclaim by way of Song of the Year nominations, Artist of the Year, Airplay and Feature Interviews.
Due to Muze’s business background, her first vocal submissions and performances were in the genre of Hip Hop/ Urban. Mia Muze’s Demo EP was reviewed and played as World/ Hip Hop. But Mia Muze’s musical moods would change as is her nature, and soon she established herself as a Vocalist that could sing a diversity of styles, thus being tagged as such.
Upon completion of music school, Mia Muze ventured off to where she had previously been, Colorado, USA. Her love of Nature, led her to extreme hiking and many great adventures in America’s Wild. Performances in Black Forest, Colorado Springs and Los Angeles then led her to break new territory in Phoenix, Arizona – where she was performing, writing and recording until last year, when family illness led to her arrival back in the Sunburnt Country.
Mia Muze has made several collections, across a few subgenres that still fall under Indie Pop.. slash experimental, fusive.. Transformational.
Please see miamuze.com for full track listing. instagram.com/miamuze for daily updates Mia Muze is looking for Management, Talent Opportunities, to License, to be commissioned to provide Vocals, write or perform.