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A nature nerd and extreme hiker – I have lived by the bay, ocean, amongst the mountains, urban and desert. These themes protrude my music. The half Japanese inspires my hobby photographer – I love art, design and multimedia. A songwriter, first and foremost – wordsmithing, etymology and deliverance of language are my sociology. A true independent, I’ve lead many teams – I love to craft, collaborate and innovate. Acoustic treatment and gear make any space my studio and home. Recording is my jam. As a kid, I multitracked acapellas on cassettes. These qualities mutated into being a singer and producer – I can sing any style. My half Latin side lends to the my love of beats and creation. As an engineer, I love samples and the juxtaposition of sound. I watch science fiction and grew up on rock, pop and wide cinema soundtracks. I seldom follow the status quo and am all about the original. I like a good vibe, some canna and tequila.

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